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I have to say I think your post was a bit strong, really, Laurent. Shamen
the world over have for millenia battled (some not so hard!) with the
tendency to create a "cult of the individual" from their work. And, frankly,
posts like yours only reinforces this tendency. The notion of the "great
healer" is a strong ego archetype and one with only limited real use in the
work itself. What starts out as a healing gift can easily soon become simply
a milieu for self-agrandisement. No one has exclusive rights over iboga,
neither corporations nor ethnic or religious groups. I'm sure there a plenty
of pygmy groups who complain that the Fang and Missoko tribespeople are
inadequate to become Bwiti, for instance. Who's to say how and where iboga
should be eaten.

The drug is strongly astral in nature, and has thus direct connection with
the formative, primal state of existence from which our own conscious
experience of reality descends. Meaning, roughly, that it can manifest
pretty much according to its own agenda when, where, and unto whom it wants.
In addition to this, the hardship of African initiations might be considered
necessary for humans from certain cultural and racial backgrounds, but I
can't imagine this is so for everyone.

Iboga is a self-liberating drug and it is not necessary to use it in ritual
context. It's beyond all that


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> Salut Laurent,
> First of all, I love your photos man...
> I guess you didn't understand the part where I've already
> been initiated by the Bwiti- in Cameroun alas, not Gabon.
> And yes I am a shaman, I live in Israel, if I throw a stone
> from my balcony, I hit at least two shamans and one meshuganah.
> We're all in this together, Laurent, we're all shamans, we're all bullshit
> artists, we're all spirit... same difference..
> And fresh iboga does taste like montezuma's revenge served cold.
> It's the world's greatest tough-love remedy; one taste and you know,
> this is fuckin' personal. And as  I was saying, I think fresh root is
> better than HCl or any extract, I just really wish I could stomach it.
> But if I can't, I'm supposed to just walk away?
> From your email I realize you are a decent person, one with dignity.
> But I don't like the part where you say, 'they've been doing this for
> centuries
> and they have the knowledge'. They have customs and beliefs and purposes
> that I do not require. The music was amazing though.
> Knowledge is one hot potato - catch it, toss it, there's more coming at
> Try and pocket it and you're going to do some funky dancing for us...
> where's 'pants on fire' comes from. I'm not saying they are trying to
> the
> knowledge but come on, this gift is for all of humanity and I'm sorry but
> I'll be glad to hear whatever anyone wishes to impart but I'm not
> anyone anywhere... I'm not asking for permission, supplication or
> directions; I
> don't want to go see the ancestors, I'm my own ancestor. You can take
> with
> all the trepidation in the world, or you can hop on your cosmic harley and
> rip a tear
> thru a couple of dimensions. Ruffle a few angel feathers while you're at
> That's all just my way of saying, iboga is 'self-actualization' and you
> can't accomplish
> that by prostrating yourself and requesting this liberation from, or thru,
> others.
> Btw, Iboga the teacher-spirit has a great sense of humor too. You just got
> to have
> your wits about you.
> peace,
> Adam
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> > >
> > >
> > >
> > My Friend,
> >
> > Very good, you find some iboga roots . Do you know gabonese eat iboga
> roots(
> > fresh bark or dried iboga) like that from centuries and they have the
> > knowledge. Do you know how iboga works?. Are you a shaman to eat
> > iboga?
> > Please, if you want to take iboga, why you don't go to Gabon and eat
> > in a ritual Bwiti? It is 100% better and extraordinary and shamans will
> > teach you a lot.
> > Taking iboga in your room with friends will discredit iboga in the
> > and we tried to do opposite. It is not a game. Iboga is a drug( the best
> > drug) but not a game to be out of order. If taste is nasty, it is
> > necessary... You have a lot to learn my friend.........
> >
> > I wish you a good time with your homemade extract.
> >
> > Laurent / kombo KA
> >
> >
> >

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