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Nick old man!!!

You went thru that stuff as though it was cornflakes...
You left them stumped you know that..? They gave you a frigging
bowl and you just gobbled it up and a then few glasses and you 
downed those as well... all within the first *#@! hour!!!!
They never had someone pull a stunt like that, let alone a white guy...  
Of course, you left the galaxy for about a week and you didn't know 
any of us when you came back, for over a day you didn't even know 
your own name... I'll never forget that, looking at you and seeing 
someone who's just landed back on earth and is waiting to pick up
his identity.... 

Those were the good ol' days.. ok, maybe not....

Btw, I heard that one can take rootbark rectally... I presume it's not the
pieces and bits but some kind of enemaic concoction... on one hand, this 
apparently bypasses the liver but it's supposedly more powerful and no 
nausea nor throwing up...

Any recipe you can impart?


p.s. I hope this is cool, I'm posting a very small jpg from our first night.... I'm the one at the
far end...

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> Hi Adam,
> I recall well being in the back of that temple/shack in the Cameroun with
> you a few years ago! It is indeed a hideous experience to have to eat the
> stuff raw, and, imo, an unnecessary one.
> The following recipe, pasted below, for an alcohol-water extraction I've
> used a few times on myself and others and it's always given great results.
> The key to avoiding nausea is to keep straining off the liquid from the
> sediment. And, of course, to shout "bandji" before drinking it!
> all the best
> Nick
> Put the rootbark into a large clean jar and add approx half a 70cl bottle of
> vodka, two cups of red wine and the juice of a lemon. Some users like to
> also add a half-teaspoon of vinegar.
> Shake vigorously and then leave to stand for one week, shaking occasionally.
> After one week has passed, empty the contents into a bowl or pan and place
> gently over boiling water. DO NOT DO THIS CLOSE TO A NAKED FLAME AS ALCOHOL
> Alcohol boils at around 80 degrees centigrade, (as opposed to water which
> boils at 100). When the alcohol has boiled gently away, remove the bowl and
> strain the contents through cloth. (The solid that remains should no longer
> have the bitter taste it did prior to beginning the extraction. If it does,
> mix everything back together and return it to the jar for another week. Then
> repeat the above.)
> Assuming that the solid is not now distinctly bitter, discard it and allow
> the liquid that remains after straining to stand for about 12 hours.
> The extract is now ready for consumption. For details on administration,
> obtain medical approval and consult one of the protocols on our treatment
> page.
> Storage - It is recommended you consume the extract within a few days of
> making it. However, if necessary, it can be stored for about 2 - 3 weeks in
> a domestic refrigerator. After this period it will begin to brew, and the
> composition will be altered. Smelling the extract will tell you if it's
> started to deteriorate.
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