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> ....hey,
> I just got a really good batch of rootbark, some 400gms or so, from Jean
> Claude (Cameroon)
> and a few seeds as well... at 700euros/kilo it is by far the best pricing
> for rootbark out there...
> Problem is, there's no way I can eat this stuff... I've had the real-real
> stuff in Cameroon, the kind
> that goes active in your mouth, releasing fumes and the four horses of the
> Apocalypse... and I'm
> extremely grateful for that experience, as I'm dead-sure I could not have
> pulled it off had I had
> previous ibo experiences... And since then, I've had HCl and Indra on a
> number of occasions,
> and that requires a few self-inflicted face slaps to step up to the
> unless it's your maiden
> voyage, in which case, bon fuckin' voyage, ya lucky tourist
> bastard....(don't waste your 1 free-pass)
> It's been my contention however that HCl and Indra, by lacking the
> bulk/fiber, don't match up to the
> raw stuff...  while I don't doubt the efficacy of HCl, it doesn't heat up
> your stomach like you swallowed
> a steam-engine or something... and I miss that... call me a romantic
> fool....
> So rootbark, I thought, hey, 20 gms- maybe 40 tops, no big deal, last but
> not least on my wishlist...
> So some 3 months ago, I got my first batch and I was real happy about the
> taste not being anywhere
> near as foul, in fact, I was ecstatic about it... But that was extremely
> deceptive, as every spoonful just
> got exponentially nastier... and wouldn't you know it, that batch was
> alkaloid-free, so no take-off, not
> even trailers....
> Now this batch is much better... how do I know..? Well, it's *#@! times
> nastier than the first one...
> How nasty? After chewing on a small piece (that I let soak in water) for
> like 3 secs , I had to brush
> my tongue twice, especially the sides... it just permeated my head...
> So I'm hoping to do some home-made extract with vinegar/alcohol or
> because otherwise it's
> going to just sit there and mock me... Ideally, I would like to just
> it by half or so, take the stinger
> out of it,. and still be left with some bulk if possible...
> Jenks, if you're reading this, a multitude of thanks for that link and the
> body of work that you've
> put into puzzlepiece.org.... I'm probably going to have a few questions as
> I've never been even
> remotely interested in 'extraction' or chemistry for that matter, but
> I'll cover the various other
> articles on the site...
> I hope 400 gms of good rootbark can produce enough base-extract, or
> I'm supposed to call it..
> all the best,
> Adam Gur
> P.S. Can anyone name the poem from the following- been hunting this for
> years;
> "...I've been a beast, at the feast, before I became a man..."  ...tia....

Hi Adam,

I recall well being in the back of that temple/shack in the Cameroun with
you a few years ago! It is indeed a hideous experience to have to eat the
stuff raw, and, imo, an unnecessary one.

The following recipe, pasted below, for an alcohol-water extraction I've
used a few times on myself and others and it's always given great results.
The key to avoiding nausea is to keep straining off the liquid from the
sediment. And, of course, to shout "bandji" before drinking it!

all the best


Put the rootbark into a large clean jar and add approx half a 70cl bottle of
vodka, two cups of red wine and the juice of a lemon. Some users like to
also add a half-teaspoon of vinegar.
Shake vigorously and then leave to stand for one week, shaking occasionally.

After one week has passed, empty the contents into a bowl or pan and place

Alcohol boils at around 80 degrees centigrade, (as opposed to water which
boils at 100). When the alcohol has boiled gently away, remove the bowl and
strain the contents through cloth. (The solid that remains should no longer
have the bitter taste it did prior to beginning the extraction. If it does,
mix everything back together and return it to the jar for another week. Then
repeat the above.)

Assuming that the solid is not now distinctly bitter, discard it and allow
the liquid that remains after straining to stand for about 12 hours.

The extract is now ready for consumption. For details on administration,
obtain medical approval and consult one of the protocols on our treatment

Storage - It is recommended you consume the extract within a few days of
making it. However, if necessary, it can be stored for about 2 - 3 weeks in
a domestic refrigerator. After this period it will begin to brew, and the
composition will be altered. Smelling the extract will tell you if it's
started to deteriorate.

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