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Sun Jan 4 06:52:38 EST 2004

On 4/01/04 3:30, "adam gur" <adamg at 013.net.il> wrote:

> ....hey,
> I just got a really good batch of rootbark, some 400gms or so, from Jean
> Claude (Cameroon)
> and a few seeds as well... at 700euros/kilo it is by far the best pricing
> for rootbark out there...
> Problem is, there's no way I can eat this stuff... I've had the real-real
> stuff in Cameroon, the kind
> that goes active in your mouth, releasing fumes and the four horses of the
> Apocalypse... and I'm
> extremely grateful for that experience, as I'm dead-sure I could not have
> pulled it off had I had
> previous ibo experiences... And since then, I've had HCl and Indra on a
> number of occasions,
> and that requires a few self-inflicted face slaps to step up to the plate...
> unless it's your maiden
> voyage, in which case, bon fuckin' voyage, ya lucky tourist
> bastard....(don't waste your 1 free-pass)
> It's been my contention however that HCl and Indra, by lacking the
> bulk/fiber, don't match up to the
> raw stuff...  while I don't doubt the efficacy of HCl, it doesn't heat up
> your stomach like you swallowed
> a steam-engine or something... and I miss that... call me a romantic
> fool....
> So rootbark, I thought, hey, 20 gms- maybe 40 tops, no big deal, last but
> not least on my wishlist...
> So some 3 months ago, I got my first batch and I was real happy about the
> taste not being anywhere
> near as foul, in fact, I was ecstatic about it... But that was extremely
> deceptive, as every spoonful just
> got exponentially nastier... and wouldn't you know it, that batch was
> alkaloid-free, so no take-off, not
> even trailers....
> Now this batch is much better... how do I know..? Well, it's *#@! times
> nastier than the first one...
> How nasty? After chewing on a small piece (that I let soak in water) for
> like 3 secs , I had to brush
> my tongue twice, especially the sides... it just permeated my head...
> So I'm hoping to do some home-made extract with vinegar/alcohol or whatever,
> because otherwise it's
> going to just sit there and mock me... Ideally, I would like to just reduce
> it by half or so, take the stinger
> out of it,. and still be left with some bulk if possible...
> Jenks, if you're reading this, a multitude of thanks for that link and the
> body of work that you've
> put into puzzlepiece.org.... I'm probably going to have a few questions as
> I've never been even
> remotely interested in 'extraction' or chemistry for that matter, but first
> I'll cover the various other
> articles on the site...
> I hope 400 gms of good rootbark can produce enough base-extract, or whatever
> I'm supposed to call it..
> all the best,
> Adam Gur
> P.S. Can anyone name the poem from the following- been hunting this for
> years;
> "...I've been a beast, at the feast, before I became a man..."  ...tia....
My Friend,

Very good, you find some iboga roots . Do you know gabonese eat iboga roots(
fresh bark or dried iboga) like that from centuries and they have the
knowledge. Do you know how iboga works?. Are you a shaman to eat yourself
Please, if you want to take iboga, why you don't go to Gabon and eat iboga
in a ritual Bwiti? It is 100% better and extraordinary and shamans will
teach you a lot.
Taking iboga in your room with friends will discredit iboga in the future
and we tried to do opposite. It is not a game. Iboga is a drug( the best
drug) but not a game to be out of order. If taste is nasty, it is
necessary... You have a lot to learn my friend.........

I wish you a good time with your homemade extract.

Laurent / kombo KA

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