[ibogaine] shelf life

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I heard that the extract that Indra was selling was quite old like 10 to 15 
years?( I am not sure if this is true or not)and it was still quite 

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>Manufacturers indicate a three year shelf life for ibogaine but, as the
>article stipulates that is the shelf life they are willing to stipulate for 
>reasons of responsibility.  Most drugs will last longer if kept 
>though dry is a must and ibogaine does not like light so keep in a dark 
>the same as many vitamins you buy.  Ibogaine HCl is much more stable than
>ibogaine base and I have seen ibogaine HCl with little subjective lose of 
>fifteen years after production.  However, considering all of the variables
>involved, you would simply have to evaluate any given product at any given 
>In a message dated 1/1/04 8:25:33 PM, gammalyte9000 at yahoo.com writes:
> >Good article.
> >
> >which leads me to ask, what is the shelf life of ibogaine hcl?
> >
> >should it be kept fridgerated?
> >
> >frozen?
> >
> >out of direct light?
> >
> >inquiring minds vant to know.

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