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David Varossi dvarossi at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 2 21:29:24 EST 2004

Wanted to say hi, read the interesting article in MAPS
and wound up here.

Still haven't the slightest idea where 'here' is, I
understand these are elists but it seems like as good
a time as any to ask what is this place? Your alexa
most visited cross site list is: 2600 magazine, LOD
com, Phonelosers.org, takedown.com, chaos computer
club, Wired magazine, the l0pht (which goes to @stake
security) and the EFF site.

Reading the site, I don't understand any of it. Having
a great time at it too, thanks!

This is one of the greatest things I've ever read,
still don't understand it but I love it. I think
that's what I'm saying with my whole message.


Now obviously, this explains why Gestalt is mostly
correct, EMDR works some of the time, and Primal
Therapy has the right idea. Schroedinger saw some
light in the darkness, Neitzsche saw darkness in the
light, and Hitler, Jesus, and Max Planck discussed it
over tea one day, with the Mad Hatter acting as an
independent peer-review committee, and Dostoyevsky
taking down the minutes -- but he wasn't paying
attention a lotta the time; this is okay 'cuz Godel
had a parabolic mic aimed at the whole-entire
scenario. Also, furthermore, this is only accurate on
every other Tuesday, of leap-years, unless Peter
Melchior manages to reintegrate John Lilly, and
Timothy Leary gives him some therapy. 

Because sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, unless
Freud didn't say that, uhm, what did he say again, oh
yeah, "you people are all basically just totally
fucked up. Now, who took my cocaine, and where the
hell did my niece go... I'd call Sherlock Holmes to
figure this out, but he's off somewhere banging-up
speedballs. He's repressed anyway, and really needs to
get laid." Of course, this is only metaphorically a
parable, because Sherlock Holmes was a real person,
whereas Freud was a strung-out champion of law and
order, only in books, and on the astral planes. 

But anyway, as anyone can see this only works on the
primary and secondary levels of quaternary dualism,
unless it doesn't. Christian Science, the Koran,
Buddhism, Shivaism, Scientology, and the Muslims, are
seeing at least part of the spectrum of possibility,
except when they're not. But it really doesn't matter
because Socrates knew it -- tho' he didn't write it
down -- Plato (who was a whiny little fuckhead)
plagiarized it, and Aristotle retrieved and refined

Strings are a good theory, but sometimes Viagra works
better, because as Heisenberg explained, the
Uncertainty Principle doesn't really start to throb
unless the strange attractor is wearing a mini and
heels, in which case non-linear dynamics will cause
the butterfly with broken wings to nose-dive, this
will make Voltaire depressed a lot of the time; but
ultimately it's all-good because when Freud dropped
the cigar, Fromm picked it up and re-lit it, Sartre
stuck it in his mouth but never inhaled, and Jung
understood all of it, in its entire totality, some of
the time -- even though he didn't smoke cigars. 

Baudelaire and Rimbaud lived it, Shelley kinda flopped
around a lot and drowned, but his wife nailed it;
Byron also nailed a lot of things -- lacking a
camcorder and a web site, on occasion he even wrote
some of them down. Tesla and Willhelm Reich had it all
written out in invisible ink on SekRet DocumenTz,
hidden under an orgone accumulator, until THEY, THEM,
and THOSE PEOPLE, ruined everything. Escher took the
remnants and made a moebious-strip out of them. Once
the colors got all smeared, C.S. Lewis and Dr. Seuss
summed it all up in one cohesive whole, understandable
by any child; however, when most adults try to
cross-connect the spirals of rainbows, they just end
up with mud. 

Lately though, I'm starting to have a lot of dreams
about sex. This means its time to take a really long
plane-ride. In conclusion, black-lights are pretty
groovy, but somehow -- for me anyway -- lava-lamps,
just get real old, real fast. The 'Dead mahn --
Yahhhhhhhh -- Uhm, I don't like the dead; it's not an
option dude, they're the Dead Mahn, yahhhhh! -- Uhm,
okay, I guess, do you have any Nine Inch Nails? 

A more sensible question is, where can I get ibogaine
in the U.K.? 


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