[ibogaine] shelf life

CallieMimosa at aol.com CallieMimosa at aol.com
Thu Jan 1 17:13:06 EST 2004

Good article but I would beg to differ on some medications.
It may have been purely psychological on my part but I have gotten hold of 
'stale' Valium, Xanax and Soma before from the pharmacy. They have often got 
stale sitting on my shelf but not too often as those drugs don't sit untouched on 
my shelf very long!
Being a nurse I would encourage everyone to use expiration dates as just what 
they are. It would be better safe than sorry if you have some illness that 
require cardiovascular meds, anticoagulant therapy or even anti psychotic meds.
Aspirin, Tylenol, laxatives, antacids and such are probably okay as their use 
is usually not life or death if you miss a dose or take a weakened dose.
Just my two cents!

Happy New Year!
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