[ibogaine] anecdotal evidence?

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Fri Feb 27 04:27:56 EST 2004

That's what were in the process of trying to do at ITH, provide the documentation that they require. I have the docs for this particular case and more on the way...

another one of my fave quotes:

'it's not a problem, just a detail.'

Keep movin' towards solution oriented strategies,


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> In a message dated 2/26/04 10:20:35 PM, deartheo at ziplip.com writes:
> >   If someone was willing to authorize and send to the FDA medical records
> >(methadone clinic records), that suddenly stop after talking iboga/ine,
> >would that still be considered only anecdotal evidence by them?
> Yes,
> Because it would lack documentation that they took ibogaine, etc., etc.
> Howard
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