[ibogaine] question about livers and ibogaine

sandra . windforme at graffiti.net
Fri Feb 20 13:29:34 EST 2004

Hey Preston, 

At ITH we have all our applicants take a liver panel (AST, ALT enzymes) test as well as EKG & CBC to begin the application process. We won't accept anyone with 200% above normal values, cause we really don't know how to deal with anything above that, and won't pretend to and don't want to hurt anyone. 

Milkthistle is excellent, can get you detoxing emotionally though, i've been told.

Comfrey I've not heard of as being used specifically for liver issues but I wouldn't be surprised as it's an amazing plant -can be wildcrafted here in B.C.

Generally my own personal list of blood/liver cleansers/detoxifiers can include (mostly fresh and in salads or in tea form):

red clover
parsley (like tabouleh salad?)
wheatgrass (juice)

These may or may not have any direct effect on the liver but have seemed to be helpful nonetheless in friends who have Hep C.

more on this later...

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