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OK, I'm posting this again, because I'm uncertain re the previous post.  Jane

Hello all, I haven't written anything here in a looooooooooong time, but the recent dispute, mostly involving Marc, Preston, and Sarah I think is a hopeful thing, not a negative.  Just look at the points of view (disregarding the defensiveness, and after all, we all do that, it's no big deal in the long run) about iboga availability that have been raised! I think if we were looking at this issue dispassionately (not possible, of course), we might from this exchange all have learned something about the structural problems involved in having an "ibogaine community," and that includes the financial problems that Preston has so articulately expressed, the provider's many dilemma, and the differences between the providers' orientation and philosophy.  Plus much more.  

Here's what I think, and slay me if you wish for saying so: 1. As stated above, this is a really valuable exchange of values that all should be open to discussing; 2. If we discard the personal defensiveness(es), as Preston has freely done with his apologies, the compassionate nature of ALL the parties involved becomes apparent, and furthermore, instead of dividing people, should unite them, and finally, 3. Not one single one of us "owns" ibogaine, the idea  of it, or the realization that it can implement an addiction "cure, "or the best way to do so, or the hope that such knowledge might bring.  I know I'm preaching to the initiated, but it seems relevant to remember this.  We are all both humbled and honored by the work of each other, because everyone who has tasted the fruit has known the unknowable, and therefore should profess what their initiation has shown them, for the good of the tribe.....

Whoa!  I DID get preachy!  Sorry.  I agree with Sarah re the shrooms, with Preston re the $500, and with Marc re the limitations that any single person or group can provide.  I also agree with all the arguments (sorry, but they're valid).  What does this mean to me?  Diversity!  The mark of a truly evolving movement........

The usually silent Jane  

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