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Tommy tgoodson7 at cox.net
Sat Feb 14 20:35:15 EST 2004

Patrick;  You just saved me a chore that I don't like and that is to have to
give 3 grown, apparently sophisticated, mature and
highly experienced individuals a good 'ol fashioned tongue lashing and
mental thrashing for conduct unbecoming of an ILL-BRED, ILL-TEMPERED GILA
MONSTER!!!  This little deadly reptile is a small sized reptile about 12 to
20 inches long and looks like a miniaturized stub tale Komodo Dragon.
Though he is very slow moving he has a deadly BITE!!!.

The animal resides in the West Texas deserts on both sides of the Border in
Texas-Mexican Big-Bend Country and the western U.S. in the Great American
Desert.  I am sure he resides in other deserts of the world.  My DAD used to
tell me about how mean and deadly the GILA-monster was.  That's when he
would tell me all about the Western Country and how Marijuana grew wild in
the desert and mountain country when he was a kid growing up in West Texas.

He told me about how the cattle and horses grazing wild would get hold of
Marijuana and eat it.  They would get the "blind
staggers" and stumble around stoned!!!  He never told us what the hell ever
happened to them after that so us kids just
assumed the animals just wandered of somewhere and died..  You can imagine
what kind of an impression that made on us kids.  Our imagination would
simply run wild and we passed along some real crazy tales about Marijuana.
I have met several
of those crazy stories in their return loop and they are even better on the
2nd and 3rd time around than when we first initiated them.  We didn't lie a
lot but we were not particularly familiar with the TRUTH.

Anyway, I have been this list for several years and have developed a
fondness and respect for those 3 individuals.  Now they all 3 have
disappointed me.  I think all 3 of them are great people.  We have too damn
much dissention  in the ranks of the
"DRUG WAR" opponents already; we certainly don't need difficulty between the
various affective fighters in the movement.
HYPOCRITES.  We need as
much concentrated effort as possible waged against the D.E.A. and all their
cohorts and we sure don't need any wasted energy against each other.

So, thank you, Patrick.  Now, Peet, Emery, and Sara let's get it on with our
common foe and give 'em hell!!!

Tommy Goodson    Pensacola, Fl.   850-476-7199

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> PeopleS ... <Clapping Hands>
> Let's not all be Completely Fucking Psychotic all at once.  We're supposed
> to take turns remember...?
> Marc, believe it or not, Preston is actually cool people.  He's just,
> way-fucked and under a lot of stress.  If you ever up treating him,
> chances are you'll actually like him.
> Preston, Marc is also cool people.  Although he's never been there and
> done that, he certainly appears to care about the plight of junkies and
> the War on Drugs in general.  Bashing him prolly isn't too productive.
> Sara, I've never met Sara; though she's cool people over the phone and has
> this loop where she occasionally sounds like the Voice of the Apocalypse.
> I'm, just, gonna detour right around this, 'cuz I dunno any of the facts
> regarding alla youz and whut went down (Sara, Marc, Dana) <-- since
> whatever it is/was, appears to Rise Up from timE to timE.
> I'd call everyone on the phone and say this in a soothing tone of voice;
> but I've got my own priorities, and I'm gonna go get laid now.  I advise
> everyone to do same.
> Happy Valentine's Day, God Bless, breath in, breath out, repeat until
> dead; and try to remember the LIST RULES:
> http://ibogaine.mindvox.com/IbogaineList.html
> ^^^ It ain't quite done, but close enough for Revision Level 0.1
> Patrick

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