Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Sat Feb 14 16:58:24 EST 2004

PeopleS ... <Clapping Hands> 

Let's not all be Completely Fucking Psychotic all at once.  We're supposed
to take turns remember...? 

Marc, believe it or not, Preston is actually cool people.  He's just,
way-fucked and under a lot of stress.  If you ever up treating him,
chances are you'll actually like him.

Preston, Marc is also cool people.  Although he's never been there and
done that, he certainly appears to care about the plight of junkies and
the War on Drugs in general.  Bashing him prolly isn't too productive.

Sara, I've never met Sara; though she's cool people over the phone and has
this loop where she occasionally sounds like the Voice of the Apocalypse.
I'm, just, gonna detour right around this, 'cuz I dunno any of the facts
regarding alla youz and whut went down (Sara, Marc, Dana) <-- since
whatever it is/was, appears to Rise Up from timE to timE.

I'd call everyone on the phone and say this in a soothing tone of voice;
but I've got my own priorities, and I'm gonna go get laid now.  I advise
everyone to do same.

Happy Valentine's Day, God Bless, breath in, breath out, repeat until
dead; and try to remember the LIST RULES:


^^^ It ain't quite done, but close enough for Revision Level 0.1


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