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Sat Feb 7 21:08:33 EST 2004

That reminded me it would be great if something was said supporting
someone. All I ever see from the MMM rallies is this sea of faces it
would be good ifsomeone on the stage said something worthwhile. Dana?

Found these, these are great I love the photo with David Peal bagging
on Guilani and making the cops in uniform laugh

Patrick that reminds me the only tv I've ever seen Mash do that isn't
the ibogaine is dangerous unless I sell it to you tv, which was awesome
is some crazy bush sucks rant she gave at the last elections. That was
picked up everywhere I saw that in California :) Drag her on stage with
you :) Not ibogaine I mean the 2004 MMM rally :) :) :)

Who are we voting for? This is a good question!


Thank Patrick I feel like a idiot :( I didn't read the msg or you
didn't send it, I never knew I was aliased from mindvox! Thanks thanks
thanks! :) :) :) 

--- gboy at wrote:
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> sorry girl but I won't shut up. I've agreed with you before and have
> no need to start friction so don't take it personal but this does
> relate
> to ibogaine and this list because this is the only place all the
> people
> I have to say it to are reading.
> Who are the yippies supporting dana? What are they doing? Aren't the
> yippies a political force? Love the slick brochures, but you know
> what
> I'm sayng right now has been said before the last event was some
> Yippie
> event? No it wasn't it was another excuse to throw a big party and I
> think thats dope but in case none of your noticed we are living in
> 1984
> it would be a good time to change it with the next election.
> what happened, great party, fights, people getting thrown out. was
> anything
> accomplished? patrick sat in robert altman's beamer and smoked joints
> with him, I think he made it onstage for 5 minutes and got applause
> for
> showing up. nice life if you can get it. what did you do other then
> yell
> at all the people who put it together who were all volunteers.
> Dana you've been accused of alot which I think not to be true but you
> know what youre doing in some ways, the ibogaine conference, the only
> thing anybody ever remembers is patrick and pinchbeck and you getting
> dhoruba to show up and you and the cannabis show, you know that's the
> whole gig because nobody remembers anything except the colorful
> maniacs.
> So Dana I know part of the gig is having patrick show up turns
> everything
> into theater because homeboy is this cult of personality which makes
> you look good and then the two of you set each other off and it's one
> big party :->
> thats cool, I dig it. I also believe that all of you believe in
> ibogaine,
>  patrick is obvious and you dana are too, because you nver shutup
> about
> it and promote it allover so yes you do care.
> So what's happening at the next mmm, another 20,000 people to watch
> you
> light joints onstage? and what happened last year, i heard at least
> 20
> times that patrick would be there, homeboy was in town lots of peeps
> saw him hanging with you but he vanished and didnt even attend
> because
> hes sneaking into ny from nj because he cant even land in ny without
> being arrested. out of all that planned why couldnt you plan on
> getting
> him to town 2 days sooner to go to court and get rid of his warrants?
> none of this was a secret everybody knew it except the police in ny.
> the whole yippie speaking thing, you go throw patrick's name into a
> search
> engine and you get little girls building shrines to him in their web
> sites for talking at their campus, don't think that was for telling
> them
> about computer security. why don't you say something political that
> means
> anything at all. you never do except against the war on drugs but
> never
> pro what candidate.
> I'm not dissing anyof you what i'm saying is if any of this is more
> then
> theater and putting on a good show and having a party, then patrick,
> dana, dennis peron you out there? marc emery i know you are, who are
> any of you backing for president, is anything going to be said or
> done
> or is the game over already and we have more bushco for another 4
> years
> and forget 1984 welcome to nazi germany.
> sorry but this is a important issue, not one of you has made any
> political
> statements except you quote dennis peron as saying he'll vote for
> attila
> the hun to get rid of bush. great, so who is he backing? I don't see
> jack shit on patrick if you don't give a fuck about
> anything,
>  have dana write you a script, or mash isn't she a democrat, arent
> you
> surrounded by people who are democrats? get someone to give you a
> script
> and then make it come to life, you are really gifted with words
> writing
> it or talking, your whole life is like being a movie waiting for the
> audience to show up, the more people the more you come alive. so use
> it for something besdies jacking off and stroking your ego. speaking
> of which, marc emery, i know you're in canada but doesnt it bother
> you
> what's happening the us? it has to effect you too.
> all of what i'm saying is that it's feb and I haven't seen anybody
> from
> any part of the cannabis movement organise anything. I havent seen
> one
> statement from one of you. I haven't seen anything. did bush send all
> of your checks and ask you to shut up?
> ifits not obvious i do care about all this, this is the longet
> messege
> i've written in my life to any listing. i'm not only complaining i'm
> asking what are 'we' doing? dean is over what now? that was a good
> question.
> .g
> On Sat, 07 Feb 2004 15:56:12 -0800 Carla Barnes
> <carlambarnes at>
> wrote:
> >Please don't take this the wrong way, I know this is a
> >important issue I laughed my ass off reading Patrick's
> >2000 comments that somebody reposted from archive org,
> >Dana I think your message was very thoughtful and had
> >a lot of insight, I think this is a very important
> >issue but
> >
> >Could all of you please take the whole political
> >conversation somewhere off the ibogaine list. Please?
> >Please? Take it to the Kerry forum Dana posted, take
> >it to the thousand other forums, anywhere. I do not
> >mind some political conversations but please please
> >please do not turn this into the democractic list.
> >Didn't Drugwar start because of all the overload on
> >this list about the war on drugs?
> >
> >Please guys, stop before it starts. Yes I know I can
> >type delete but I don't think it's needed to have even
> >more political messages on this list.
> >
> >Carla B
> >
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