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Tue Aug 31 23:37:33 EDT 2004

Darth Vader on acid gives great advice ;) He's clean and that should be
impossible, the first step as near as I've figured out is become a
complete psycho right patrick ;) which shouldn't be a problem for
anyone on this list. step 2 is just believe. Great belief system! I
keep seeing it working here :) why argue with success :)


--- UUSEAN at aol.com wrote:

>   Hi Dark,
>   Yes, I have said before that I think that belief is key.  If I
> believe 
> I cannot put down heroin and crack and lead a different life, then I 
> won't.  I did not believe that I could go to NYC alone without
> visiting 
> the crack spot. I was right.  Saturday night I was in NY alone, I 
> believed that I could would not look for crack...I did not look for
> it.
>   I think that 12 step works that way for those for whom it works. 
> One 
> believes their higher power will keep them clean, and (S)he does.   
> Right now I believe that activism and this list will keep me off
> crack, 
> and it does.
>   All of this change is post ibo.  I did believe in the ibogaine
> too.  
> And the stories of those who had dosed before me.  The treatment
> links 
> on the ibogaine.mindvox page were very helpful in my understanding of
> recovery.  Patrick in particular concerning the importance of belief.
>   And the advise to be more cool.  I liked that a lot too, especially
> when I feel like being an asshole. Of course sometimes I cannot 
> resist.  What is it the 12 steppers say, "progress not perfection." 
> I 
> sure don't want to get too close to perfect to fast.  I'm having too 
> much fun flawed.:)
>   UUsean

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