[ibogaine]the idea of tripping.

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>> Hi Jasen,
>> Sometimes it is scary to think about tripping, but even without tripping
>> mushrooms in small amount can help you therapeutically.
> ***> Dear Sara,I understand.
>> It isn't about fun, but about a rollercoaster, when you come out of it
>> you
>> are happy to be alive. A short cut to transformation on many levels.
> ***Fun sounds like it would be much better.:)When you say," happy to be
> alive"
> is it really that bad of an experience?When the term ,"a lot of pain and
> suffering"is used
> is this physical or emotional pain.?
> All these questions,..I know.I am just trying to understand.
> I thank you for your time and thank God for the guidance.(I believe in
> God,not religion)
>                                                         Jasen (Aus)
It is the pain of letting go of emotinal pain,
when you love your parents so much and you see them getting old and needy,
you can feel the process of letting go,also when relations between people
isn't working but still there is love which makes it harder to let go of
people , the understanding during the trip, makes it very emotional but
after it everything fall into a place when the trip is over.
so, it is just a spiritual experience.
those plants are not killers plants, if you get too much you vomit.
they "kill"only things we should let go.
they also show us how much love we have within to the people around us.

God is a mystery of mastery.

kiss a koala of me,they look so funny.


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