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Tue Aug 31 22:02:07 EDT 2004

Hey Preston,

I think there are enough users/addicts in the NYC area to fill the ranks. 
When my therapist first encouraged me to get involved with addict unions, he said 
that while you all (us addicts) may be using (or were using) illegal drugs, 
we don't deserve to be treated like shit.  We are human beings who use/used and 
or abuse/abused illegal, and sometimes legal drugs.

I agreed entirely.  I pointed out that harm reduction is mostly an effort of 
social workers and concerned friends of addicts, not addicts or users 
themselves often.
Unions would differ in that they (we) would be advocating for themselves.

BTW: the word addict is a tricky one isn't it.  Drug user unions might be a 
better choice of words.  It would let individual users call themselves addicts 
if they like, and allow for those who feel that whole addict paradigm really 
doesn't fir for them.  I wasn't an addict until I went to NA.  Before that I 
was just a basehead.:)

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