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Tue Aug 31 20:42:40 EDT 2004

Hi Dark,

Yes, I have said before that I think that belief is key.  If I believe I 
cannot put down heroin and crack and lead a different life, then I won't.  I did 
not believe that I could go to NYC alone without visiting the crack spot. I was 
right.  Saturday night I was in NY alone, I believed that I could would not 
look for crack...I did not look for it.

I think that 12 step works that way for those for whom it works.  One 
believes their higher power will keep them clean, and (S)he does.   Right now I 
believe that activism and this list will keep me off crack, and it does.

All of this change is post ibo.  I did believe in the ibogaine too.  And the 
stories of those who had dosed before me.  The treatment links on the 
ibogaine.mindvox page were very helpful in my understanding of recovery.  Patrick in 
particular concerning the importance of belief.

And the advise to be more cool.  I liked that a lot too, especially when I 
feel like being an asshole. Of course sometimes I cannot resist.  What is it the 
12 steppers say, "progress not perfection."  I sure don't want to get too 
close to perfect to fast.  I'm having too much fun flawed.:)

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