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Tue Aug 31 12:03:44 EDT 2004

Hey Sean, yea we do have some things in common. In another post you mention 
your self as a sceptical mystic (or similar). I refer to myself as a athiest 
mystic. hmmm.

An interesting parallel between Ibogaine and 12 step (though a weak 
parallel) is that when Bill W. had his mystical experience where he saw the 
"light" in the hospital it was after doing a hallucingen in the hospital. In 
my harm reduction program it is emphasized that many of us don't try to get 
clean because we don't beleive we can. I think there is an element of truth 
in it.

I did LifeRing for several years. I got alot out of it which is one of the 
reasons this round of meth addiction is not a heavy as it got before. I feel 
a paradigm shift coming (and needed), one that I hope is facilitated by Ibo.

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>Subject: Re: [ibogaine] Introduction part 2
>Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 19:11:37 EDT
>Hi Dark Matters,
>Sounds like we have much in common.  My crack/heroin use broke up my seven
>year "marriage" with my lover.  I too went the secular AA route (and
>SMART,RR)etc, always ending up back with a crack stem in my mouth and a 
>straw up my nose,
>and alter needle in the arm.
>Most programs require a belief that they can work.  You know, the "work if
>you work em" kinda thing.  After ibogaine, I believe in myself.  I could 
>make that statement my whole 20 years in NA.

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