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  Dear Jasen,


  I'm very near the U.K if you think AUSTRALIAN , 20 minutes from Amsterdam airport, in the countryside'

  It is hard to give a straight answer. Only one person asked his methadone back because he was too afraid to quit.

  The rest left the house clean. A treatment from a 100+ mg of methadone is two weeks.

   in those two weeks a person gets as many booster doses,  ( dose a Iboga will give a person energy and take the pain away)

  As needed, also magic mushroom which relaxed the muscles and help to restore sleep for some it gives new insight about their Iboga treatment, and Cannabis which is one of my sacrament and proven 

  To be of a great benefit to many people during their two weeks stay. Santa-Maria will potentate the Iboga which means that you don't need to take high doses of Iboga. 

  I have done about 150 treatments, some repeated treatments of people who need more then one treatment.

  The success of the treatment is a combination of things, What DH has suggested , a support system post -Ibo is one of them, or

  If a person has a job, school, relationship or simply just new passion for life.


  All the best,




   Dear Sara,

  Thankyou for the detailed answer,your treatment sounds wonderful.

  I am a bit curious about the mushrooms with the Iboga,the idea of tripping whilst hanging

  out is not very appealing,however I am sure you have reason.

  Have you found that after 2 weeks all withdrawal is gone with meth patients?


                                                                   Smiles Jasen (Aus)




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