the not so big pill

Jason Bursey jasonburseyiboga at
Tue Aug 31 01:12:21 EDT 2004

UFO dentists from planet anaesthesia came to visit, had to write them a hot check just for them to look at me.  I think they put me under and gang raped my jaw with and without their sadist dentist tools ...then they give script of 30 Watson's for pain, which is a fucking joke.
But these damn Vic's for pain?, mahn they are a fucking joke.  One a day, who does that dose level work on really, cause it was a sugar pill when I took just one, eventually I took just under the acetaminophen limit and felt the pain dull a very little bit, obviously causing me to run out quickly, so now I take gin and xan, which sucks ass as a pain killer.  
So if all my receptors and shit have been 're-set' why is this the case?  Was it due to my methadone dose being so high that my bio-chem's still aren't up to par?  

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