[ibogaine] Introduction part 2

mark connors darkmattersfo at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 30 11:52:04 EDT 2004

I am definately impatient. I just came out of another relationship (gay) 
that went terribly south because of our use. I tend to like to fix things 
and though I realize this is a process I need to nurture I tend to want to 
push things along.

I've done alot around recovery in the past, have started and facilitied 
secular recovery groups for years but ended up feeling trapped in them. This 
time I'm trying to do things differently. I just got a new therapist. I read 
some of his books and really liked where he is coming from 
(Jungian/buddhist). He seems to be a combination of the archetypal and 
practical. I have lined up a friend to do body work with with me and am 
reaching out to non-using friends, all of whom are supportive.

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>want to  do it as soon as possible but the cost of going to Mexico is too
>much for  me righ now. I thought about importing but that seems risky so I 
>exploring my options right now.
>I feel as you and want to be treated ASAP BUT........I am on a high dose of
>Methadone since 1998 and my funds are limited. I am slowly coming down on 
>Methadone dose. I was decreasing 2mg every 2 weeks for 3 or 4 months but 
>to  feeling grouchy and anxious so I have temporarily stopped. I am also
>sticking  back at least 50 bucks a paycheck to hopefully pay for treatment 
>in a
>clinical  setting.
>I would love to hurry and start my journey but it is impossible at this
>time.. I am trying to control my "self will run riot" and sit tight and 
>wait my
>I am a believer that things happen as they should as long as I do the next
>right thing and keep my 'bright ideas' or will out of it.
>I hate the words Higher Power. I prefer God but it turns people off as soon
>as I say it but God does a great job in my life if I stay out of it!
>Share whatever you want about yourself. Do you have offspring, married,
>single, occupation or not.....whatever you feel like makes you, you!
>Peace, Callie

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