[ibogaine] ibo and near death

Sara Glatt sara119 at xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 30 05:05:36 EDT 2004

Many psycho-active plants give the experience of  Death/trauma.
It is part of the understanding that the plant teacher is trying to give
us.intence but
that will mostly give us more respect to life and living, the instinct of
staying alive is activated.
Then you like to share those values with other community member.  this
understanding other people can get only by having experienced the plant.
also not everyone who hears the sound like to listen to it. That is the
difference between the intensions & understanding of different people.
Some just like to try another drug and some feel that we are connected to
the plant teacher as a whole. 
By the way I stopped being a vegetarian after being one for 27 years, after
the Iboga session.
I'm not a great meat eater but I'm more flexible, as long as it not a
factory food.
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