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Mon Aug 30 00:14:28 EDT 2004

Just a reminder to this list.  Ibogaine is a schedule I substance in the 
United States and carries criminal penalties for possession or sale or conspiracy 
to sell or give away.  This is the internet.  You do not know who is on the 
other end of your computer.


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<< I think your concerns are grounded in reality.  I will not give out any 
provider information on this list, or even let on that may have some.  I feel 
private mail is the way to, and even then to be very careful.  The few off 
list conversations I have had have been very respectful of this, which I 

That said, I have taken chances here that I would take on no other list 
because I feel that ibogaine is so vital for addict seeking relief from the 
of active heroin or dope addiction. I have given my phone number, and 
to help with what little info I have post NYC guerilla action.  

But the feds, jail..these are realities.  And the Internet is always under 
scrutiny from Big Brother Ashcroft and Company, who have absolutely no 
compassion for our cause.  Look at the way they handle medical marijuana.

Bottom line: Your concerns are valid. IMO Keep all provider type questions 
off line, and even then observe great caution.

Of course I'm just some junkie in Jersey that pretended to take ibo on a 
Internet list to get attention.  Ibogaine?  Wouldn't really know it if I 
over it......:) >>

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