for charlie and all

Preston Peet ptpeet at
Sun Aug 29 23:19:20 EDT 2004

Hi all, this is really mainly for those on the ibogaine list, but due to
having lots of folk on the DrugWar list with knowlege and opinions, I feel I
should post this to both lists:
    To begin this, I need to make a point-
    I discussed my nervousness and trepidation about ibogaine and law
enforcement today over brunch with V. I am very nervous about steering
people to ibogaine treatments in the US. She is of the opinion that by doing
what I'm doing now, publicizing and discussing it personally and in print,
I'm already doing a lot towards getting ibogaine into the public
    I do not want to get hit with steering charges. I Hate the idea. That
said, as someone, I think Mark, pointed out yesterday, it MIGHT be selfish
for me NOT to steer people towards those who are doing treatments, as others
already took a major risk in steering me to the providers (bless their
pointy heads too). In part, I agree- in another Large part I don't,
precisely for the reasons stated above, in that I'm being and will continue
to be very open about my own using it to kick my pain killer habit and to
realign myself. I will continue to be open about what I do forever. But I
hesitate to steer people and enter into conspiracy- as the prohibitionist
maniacs will definitely look at it as me doing if they do decide to come
after those doing treatments, and I've directed some undercover narc to
those supplying it.
    But all that said, I'm going to take a risk here, and let Charlie know
that while I don't yet have any contact number, there is apparently someone
already doing treatments in the Portland, Oregon area, who will be there for
another week and after a short break will be back there very soonly.
    So, if and when I hear more, I may very well have some number or other
that you can contact for more info. But I am very scared to do this, I don't
mind admitting. If I don't, who will though? So torn and confused and
nervous and scared and all that prohibition inspired crap is coursing
through me right now. I don't want to go to jail, even for a few hours. But
I do want others to hear about treatments and to get all the info they can
about ibogaine.
    Anyway, I'm kinda just sorting out my thoughts here, in public, (hi
feds), and forgot to post this hint of info earlier today when I shoulda
done so. I apologize for being a nervous Nelly, and for not having more info
for you Charlie right away- but when I do I suppose I will post it- once.
After that, I'll have to take it on a case by case basis. I'd prefer to meet
people face to face before giving out any specific info on treatments
(especially since I don't really have any specific info, but might down the
road), but that ain't possible through email- anyone can come here and claim
to be a junkie/addict and elicit VERY illegal info from any of the rest of
us- which makes me very, very not happy or secure feeling.
    I would very much appreciate feedback on this.
Peace and love to all, even the blue meanies,

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