[ibogaine] Weening from methadone with H

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Very reminiscent of when I kicked a 50-60 Perkoset habit, about 6 weeks before I got out of college, and tried keeping myself feeling OK by taking about 10 Ultram a day.  All I did was drag it out from the week (apx) of hell, had I just gone "cold turkey", into a week of hell, followed by 4-5 more weeks of feeling almost as bad.   Ahhhhh .... If I'd only known then, what I know now ..... well, you all know the story.

Julie:  I had similar thoughts a few months ago, when I jumped off of an 8 - 12, 80mg Oxy a day habit.  I even had a pharmacist agree with me, but was not able to give me anything without a Dr.'s ok.  Although I was mainly on Oxycontin, I had been taking Methadone at night for a while, so I would wake up feeling a little less dead.  

Anyway, the thought (of a few of us) was to give me some Oxycodone IR (Instant Release), for a couple of weeks, so the Methadone would have a little time to leave my body, before switching to Suboxone, which was a very rough transition for me, whether from my Dr. under RX'ing me for the first week, or actually from the Meth, I can't be sure, but I suspect both played a part.  However, I did not have it as rough as those that jumped straight from a full dose of Methadone to Suboxone.

The switching drugs is a great idea in theory, but I just made the jump from Oxycontin to Suboxone, just about a week ago and had a couple extra Oxy's and some of the Oxy IR, so I could go through an easier transition.  Guess what?  I polished it all off, Sunday night, when I had planned on tapering until Tuesday (at least Monday).  I still think it's a valid idea; just not one we tend to follow through with.  If you could handle some Hydrocodone or Morphine, AND have someone who can dole them out to you, I think you'd be much better served.
My best wishes are with you,

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> Julie asked >Has anyone been able to actually get off of methadone
> without spending a month in bed?<
> Yes, but I began using poppy tea just a week or so into the final kicking
> stage, when I finally stopped drinking my take-homes, then dilaudids a few
> months down the road, after the poppy tea stopped doing anything for my pain
> whatsoever
>     But, while I was not exactly locked into bed for a month while kicking
> (though hell, it felt like at least a month that I was laid up and useless
> when kicking- but it wasn't, it was more like 2 weeks- but keep in mind I
> began taking other opiates fairly soon into the kicking, so I can't honestly
> say I kicked completely at any point, though I do think I prolonged it
> somewhat by substituting weak and pathetic poppy tea for methadone- then
> anyway.) I did take lots of baths and such, and smoked a lot of pot while
> kicking methadone. Kicking methadone even in the manner I did it in 2000
> sucked big time.
>     And you are correct Julie in that kicking (kicking anything really, not
> just methadone), and trying to actually do work and stuff is very difficult-
> I completely stopped writing for a month or so at that time, until I had
> enough strength to pick it up again.
> Peace and love all,
> Preston
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> > Hi Callie,
> >
> > I'm 26.  I have used opiates for about four years, and
> > all kinds of drugs( mostly E, ac*d, GHB and grass) for
> > years before that.  All I know, is that H was way
> > easier to kick than this sh*t.  Sure, it was a bit
> > more painful, but so much shorter!
> >
> > Has anyone been able to actually get off of methadone
> > without spending a month in bed?  I don't crave H
> > anymore; in fact, it kind of repulses me.  But I've
> > heard that Ibo is way more effective for heroin
> > addiction than for methadone, as meth stays for SO
> > long in your body.
> >
> > I know I might sound naive, but I am desperate- I am
> > starting my own business this fall, and can't take all
> > the side effects of opiate withdrawal while trying to
> > do paperwork or interpersonal stuff.
> >
> > Julie
> >
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