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 They are now estimating that upwards of 500,000 people took to the street today in NYC to protest the bush administration and hopefully take there country back. Its a good day to be a New Yorker and an even better day to be an American and its been a long time since I've been able to say either of those things. The march ended in Union Sq. but everyone took to Central Park and they are all still arriving now.  I just overheard the police talking and they said that they were going to wait for the softball games to end because they have permits and then they are going to go in. Then a captain said no one moves until someone crosses the line but the first time they do "pounce". Our tax dollars at work. But every media conglomerate from all over the world is there so I doubt they'll be any pouncing going on with the rest of the world watching but it is the NYPD. It would be very worthwhile for any Manhattanite to head to the Great Lawn... really uplifting in a time in America when I
 wasn't even sure if that kind of feeling was possible. 
Preston and Dana you really should head up here. 

HSLotsof at aol.com wrote: 

In a message dated 8/29/04 1:34:16 PM, mcorcoran27 at yahoo.com writes:

<< Preston, headin to the park with the other 150,000 or so people who are 
not supposed to be there. Shit for that reason alone you'd think you'd jump on 
the train. Enjoy your breakfast and I'll call you later. >>

Ah to be young again! Well, on the other hand I am uncertain how good an 
idea that is. All things in their time. I will probably head to Silver Lake 
Park on Staten Island for a walk around the reservoir...getting ready for a 
stress test and want to be able to make it through the test.


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