[ibogaine] Re:Oops-i slipped!. (there is a bit of a crash) Howard?

D H dave at phantom.com
Sun Aug 29 17:21:31 EDT 2004

> Dave and Howard and anyone else out there with significant clean
> time.....how did you not use when all that old stuff showed back  up? 
> >>
> Fear of using and something to do.  A purpose to have.  A quest to 
> follow.
> Something to do and more something to do that gives a sense of 
> accomplishment
> and pleasure.

yes, activities to keep you focused, and a support network, someone 
who's been there/done that and ain't doin it no-more to confide in is a 
big plus.

I don't like to say "I'm afraid of using", fear sucks and I have found 
it a poor basis for inspiration.

finding a real feeling of love for life works better, in my opinion.

hobbies are great.

for me, post ibo i had to rely on NA meetings after "slipping" 
(---well, there wasn't a banana peel, i planned it), but truth be told, 
in retrospect what really helped me was riding a bike. I would 
squirrely and jump on my bike and ride till the feeling passed (which 
was generally after about 30 minutes of pedaling when the endorphins 
were really flowing)... thus:: _.excercise and where I lived, wide open 
spaces of ~nature~.

counseling helped too, if you can find a cool/affordable counselor. 
Meetings are free, and well, if nothing else they bring about a network 
of people not using. The steps are pretty cool guidelines, I guess my 
"NA" view bolied the steps down to 2 basic things: Don't be an asshole 
and do things differently... which is actualy just: "do things 
differently" because I had been such an asshole and everything I knew 
about dealing with life ended up as dope in my bloodstream... I had to 
become highly open to new ideas and ways of coping. After about 4-5 
years I burned out on meetings and haven't been in a long time. My path 
& the NA path stopped resonating so I moved on to 'other stuff' which 
works for me.


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