[ibogaine] Re:Oops-i slipped!. (there is a bit of a crash) Howard?

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Sun Aug 29 14:12:47 EDT 2004

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<< Thanks, that makes me feel really good that you would say that, but I do 
not know nearly as much as you do when it comes this. I do however have as 
pretty good sense when it comes to ibogaine and my body now but I'm still very 
confused sometimes when it comes to side affects of Ibogaine vs. residual 
withdrawal... and weighing the positives and negatives... I still feel like 
everything is an experiment. 
Its strange, I feel like I have a much better sense of this kinda thing when 
it comes to others than I do myself. Who knows. Maybe its better to keep it as 
simple as possible. If we are fortunate enough to have a booster then bite 
the bullet and take the booster.  >>

Love you Mark,

Life is an experiment.  Let me know when you have the results?

Have fun.  Too bad I'm not licensed to practice medicine.  How about you.  
Medical school a possibility?  I think residual withdrawal and life are 


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