[ibogaine] Oops-i slipped!.

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I very much agree with Preston that taking the 12 step, "well all that time is gone now" apporoach may not be the best.  The fact is, you have NOT used more then you have used for, did I hear correctly 3 months?  Don't let that shame/guilt or whatever bring you down.  You are where you are now, not yesterday or whatever.  Just learn from it and let it go.  Know you aren't alone.  And when I say that it isn't as some slogan to put on a bumper sticker, Shelly, you really aren't alone, for real yo!!
Sometimes, when I first stopped after iboga, I felt I had to be perfect because I felt like the iboga/ine salesman or spokesman or whatever (obviouslly an ego trip) and that prevented me from looking at some of the leftover stuff that I had to look at without iboga/ine.  Everyone is different though and I don't want to project my experience as yours.  Find your own path.  And please Talk soon.
With Love to you and your family,
PS Julia, that isn't me in the picts, as much as I would like for it to be :  )

Preston Peet <ptpeet at nyc.rr.com> wrote:
>Hey all,need to share that i slipped on wednesday,used about 24 hours,got
real sick of that & threw it all out,<

Shelly, as I was saying just last night to Mark,
By "slipping" you have NOT "thrown it all out" darn it. You have merely
"slipped," you are not a loser, nor a bad person for having done so. We are
all addicts and drug abusers here (or so I think) or we used to be and still
could be at the drop of a hat. But one slip doesn't make a "thrown away" nor
should you dwell on the guilt and shame. Bad Shelly, Bad!
Seriously, it's ok to slip sometimes. Maybe you needed a reminder of why
you want to not be using. Perhaps you simply needed to have a night of
opiates, and your body took over to insure that. I do not know the reasons
why you really "slipped" but you've most certainly NOT thrown it all out.
That's straight outta NA/AA, the idea that by making one mistake you are no
longer "sober" that you've wasted all that clean time for nothing. Because
hell you still have how many months, 3 I think, clean? That's amazing and
brilliant and not for nothing darn it!
You keep your chin up and PLEASE do not slip into the attitude of "oh
well, I fucked up, guess it's for naught and I shouldn't even continue to
try now" because it doesn't have to be that way- you can realize that one
slip does not a bad person make, that you still have the choice of whether
you are going to do it again or not. It is YOUR choice.
Peace and love and best wishes for you,

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Hey all,need to share that i slipped on wednesday,used about 24 hours,got
real sick of that & threw it all out,wish i could say for sure what
happened,really the first time i craved after doing ibogaine 3 months ago.I
could tell the ibogaine was leaving ,well the noribogaine,that is.I had
called the (guerilla) provider & asked for a booster,said i had been feeling
more depressed,he suggested nutritional help,i didnt follow up on that.I can
always tell when the iboga wears off by my moods,and i get diarrhea for
sveral months after dosing,the diarrhea had stopped a couple of weeks ago.i
have decided to interpret this event in a positive light,very anti 12 step
approach,but if i use shame & oh whats wrong with me,ill only dig myself in
deeper,so rather than run amock ,im gonna interpret this as,well im on my
own now( in regards to nor ibogaine)gotta be alert for that addict voice
&thanks for the knock on the door,my goal is to stay clean & i will!one sl!
ip does not an addict make.Kinda hard to write about this but guess we need
all prspectives here,humbly shelley

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Letting off steam is much welcomes here.


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