[ibogaine] Euphoria is a killer!

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Callie, my name is Brad, I've been slow to "jump-in". About your father, it
is not wrong, in my opinion. Our laws make it illegal and therefore very
difficult and troublesome. No it is not wrong for letting anyone have the
key to his brain. A question is will you be able to keep his habit,
indefinately???  You will hate to be in a position where he needs them and
you can not help. Certainly at 70 years old his continued good spirit is
more important than whether or not he is taking 4 a day or 8 a day. The DEA
has taken it upon themselves to intimidate the Medical profession to the
point of fearing to give your father even a minimum of necessary pain
medication. Yes Euphoria must be "eliminated".bf

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    Does it boil down to wanting euphoria
  I do miss that euphoria! That is the reason I loved opiates or love
opiates so much!
  My Dad had Prostate cancer that is responding well to treatment, really
well. His bloodwork is all back in normal ranges and his treatments are over
for now. His Doc cut out his Lortab 7.5's. My Dad is a fucking wreck
emotionally! I feel really bad for him. He only takes 3 or 4 a day and he is
a mess without them.
  Well, being the caretaking enabler I am, I have a friend who sells her
script monthly so I bought it for my Dad.
  When I went in he looked a mess. When I gave him that bottle of Lortabs he
became so happy! Almost tearful!
  He said he has been so depressed since he ran out. Said he hated
everything. I feel so bad for him.
  Well, I went over the next day and he was dressed his usual dapper way,
his apartment was clean and he was cooking a big pot of white beans. All
this change just over a few Lortab.
  He said he felt better, had been to church and loved everybody again
today! hahaha! I know it isn't funny but my Dad is almost 70 years old and
has cancer!
  If giving him 90 Lortab a month will keep him this happy, I plan to buy
that script for him every month.
  I did talk to him and told him that Lortabs were essentially how I started
out. Of course, this is hard for him to believe because all he remembers is
the track marks and abscess I had that 'showed' him I was an addict.
  I may be making a HUGE mistake. I do not want to turn my Dad into an
addict but I can't stand to see him the way he was without them.

  Euphoria is addictive! That was my point to start out and I got off
telling about Daddy but the euphoria is what has him hooked now!
  Life is hard....isn't it?
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