[ibogaine] Re:Oops-i slipped!. (there is a bit of a crash) Howard?

HSLotsof at aol.com HSLotsof at aol.com
Sun Aug 29 12:28:25 EDT 2004

In a message dated 8/29/04 11:14:48 AM, mcorcoran27 at yahoo.com writes:

<< Hey Howard, I have another hypothetical. Say there was a guy who was in a 
very similar situation to me, responded beautifully to the treatment, almost 
40 days out, but now is dealing with a little noise in the head again. Do you 
think maybe a 5 mil per kilo might do some good? Look, I'm not saying I'm on 
the fence, or that I want to get high, because last night and how I dealt with 
everything was probably a very important step in my recovery and will keep me 
in a good space for some time but it scared me a little. Okay it scared me a 
Any thoughts? >>

Of course I think 5mg/kg is appropriate in the appropriate circumstances. If 
you are more fearful of addicition than you are fearful of life than that is 
very good. On the fear in general issue, just remember you don't have to be 
frightened. Part of overcoming fear is knowing what you are frightened of. 
Screaming is OK. Crying is OK. Doing good works is OK.


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