Oops-i slipped!.

shelley krupa skrupa20022002 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 29 10:27:38 EDT 2004

Hey all,need to share that i slipped on wednesday,used about 24 hours,got real sick of that & threw it all out,wish i could say for sure what happened,really the first time i craved after doing ibogaine 3 months ago.I could tell the ibogaine was leaving ,well the noribogaine,that is.I had called the (guerilla) provider & asked for a booster,said i had been feeling more depressed,he suggested nutritional help,i didnt follow up on that.I can always tell when the iboga wears off by my moods,and i get diarrhea for sveral months after dosing,the diarrhea had stopped a couple of weeks ago.i have decided to interpret this event in a positive light,very anti 12 step approach,but if i use shame & oh whats wrong with me,ill only dig myself in deeper,so rather than run amock ,im gonna interpret this as,well im on my own now( in regards to nor ibogaine)gotta be alert for that addict voice &thanks for the knock on the door,my goal is to stay clean & i will!one slip does not an addict make.Kinda
 hard to write about this but guess we need all prspectives here,humbly shelley

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Letting off steam is much welcomes here.

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