[ibogaine] Music on Gammalyte??

cw chowlee at qwest.net
Sun Aug 29 05:11:45 EDT 2004

Hi Preston,
I hope your after-Ibo experience is still filled with much more joy and
energy, than the other side of the coin.  I hate to be redundant, but it
really has been uplifting, to read about your experience, as it happens.

I know a clinical setting is suggested by most people as the best atmosphere
to do Ibo/Ibogaine, but you mentioned one of the biggest factors (but not
the only) that make me want to do my treatment at home.  I want my cats to
be with me to share in the experience with me, and for me to ask guidance
from if I get lost in my vision.  My cats are my favorite people.
May I wish much peace and love to you, and all,

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> >just turn off the monitor, that would shed too much light on the
> subject... as it were.<
> My lovely cats continued to "let the light in" so to speak by doing such
> kind and generous actions as stepping on my keyboard or mouse and setting
> off the still-turned on monitor-cause we're all such stoners we never
> thought to actually turn it off, and by stepping on the blackout curtains
> hung in the windows and letting lazerbeams blast me in my closed by
> extremely light-sensitive eyeballs.
> I love my cats.
> Peace and love to all,
> Preston

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