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Sun Aug 29 01:16:42 EDT 2004

Hi Ms iboga. I am Julian and am currently on methadone. I think it is 
difficult to really advise you as to the best means to an end for you since it is an 
unknown. In other words, why are you so desperate to get off meth? I don't 
mean the usual shit we all have to deal with re policy of clinics because most of 
the reasons people want out of meth exist with heroin but worse. I would like 
to ask you a question but need you to be extremely honest. Does it boil down 
to wanting euphoria? I just wrote a message about this because I've never met 
one person (yet) that complained too much about meth until the high, the buzz 
stopped. I won't even talk about others. ME! Meth was God's piss to me but as 
it began to work on my body as it is intended and the euphoria stopped, I was 
disappointed! As a matter of fact, I thought I should go to England because I 
could get dope or meth-my choice(at least it was back then, I don't know if it 
is still this way). 

             I am just saying that it is very important for you to be honest 
with yourself about what your goal is. What your end is. Your means to that 
will probably answer itself at that point. If it is about missing euphoria, Man 
do I understand!! If it really is solely about getting off meth, then detox 
slowly with your clinic. Callie did ask some good questions. What is your 
history with drugs? How old are you and how long have you been using? What's your 

             One last note. There are other fast detoxes besides Ibogaine. I 
am not recommending them, just stating a fact that they exist. Essentially you 
are put to sleep and flooded with some antagonist like narcan et al. Your 
body goes into severe and instant withdrawal but you are in a deep sleep for this 
period. From the research I have done, it has a nominal success rate. Hey, 
let's face it, this is one mother fucker of an illness, injury or choice! It can 
work but you really need to talk with Doctors about this. It is a desperate 
choice of detox. 

             So, think hard about what really is going on inside you. The 
answer is probably there as well.

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