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>P.S. Howard, I have a question. I am sure you have thought about this 
>approach but the lack of incentive due to small profits from Ibogaine use
>could be offset by it's use with opiates in chronic pain management cases. 
Of course
>I am referring to pretty small amounts but if IBO undoes 'addiction' and also
>lowers one's tolerance to opiates, couldn't it be touted as a useful 
>when administered with opiate medication? It would keep the patient's need
>for increasing dosages to a minimum and would (could?)prevent addiction! What
>do you think?


Ibogaine ability to potentiate opiate analgesia was one of the earliest 
discoveries in the modern ibogaine period.  jurg Schneider, a Ciba pharmacologist 
who went on to become the President of Dupont's  biochemicals division made the 
discovery in the 1950s.

Pharmaceutical companies do not want to develop molecules found in nature and 
for whatever reason, they apparently don't want to develop any of the iboga 
alkaloids that may have a potential to effect drug dependence.  If iboga 
alkaloids were out there to be used as an adjunct to pain management you can bet 
your bottom dollar there would be off label uses galore.  I think that one of the 
area the folks who are setting up the underground railroad for ibogaine 
treatments have to consider is forming alliances with the pain patient rights 
groups.  And that has to be done be getting ibogaine to pain management patients.  
On my part I will initiate contact with pain management organizations for 
political actions issues but, I'm simply not going to be among the front line 
troops dosing patients:  Been there, done that.

For those of you who cannot get to the Harm Reduction Conference in New 
Orleans in November, I will have my presentation up on the Ibogaine Dossier and I 
think that will give you some understanding of the historical precedents that 
have already been established for movements of this kind: Those offering 
freedom rather than slavery and self determination rather than blind obedience.  You 
are so right Julian.  The questions is how do we make it so.


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