[ibogaine] Weening from methadone with H

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Julie asked >Has anyone been able to actually get off of methadone
without spending a month in bed?<

Yes, but I began using poppy tea just a week or so into the final kicking
stage, when I finally stopped drinking my take-homes, then dilaudids a few
months down the road, after the poppy tea stopped doing anything for my pain
    But, while I was not exactly locked into bed for a month while kicking
(though hell, it felt like at least a month that I was laid up and useless
when kicking- but it wasn't, it was more like 2 weeks- but keep in mind I
began taking other opiates fairly soon into the kicking, so I can't honestly
say I kicked completely at any point, though I do think I prolonged it
somewhat by substituting weak and pathetic poppy tea for methadone- then
anyway.) I did take lots of baths and such, and smoked a lot of pot while
kicking methadone. Kicking methadone even in the manner I did it in 2000
sucked big time.
    And you are correct Julie in that kicking (kicking anything really, not
just methadone), and trying to actually do work and stuff is very difficult-
I completely stopped writing for a month or so at that time, until I had
enough strength to pick it up again.
Peace and love all,

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> Hi Callie,
> I'm 26.  I have used opiates for about four years, and
> all kinds of drugs( mostly E, ac*d, GHB and grass) for
> years before that.  All I know, is that H was way
> easier to kick than this sh*t.  Sure, it was a bit
> more painful, but so much shorter!
> Has anyone been able to actually get off of methadone
> without spending a month in bed?  I don't crave H
> anymore; in fact, it kind of repulses me.  But I've
> heard that Ibo is way more effective for heroin
> addiction than for methadone, as meth stays for SO
> long in your body.
> I know I might sound naive, but I am desperate- I am
> starting my own business this fall, and can't take all
> the side effects of opiate withdrawal while trying to
> do paperwork or interpersonal stuff.
> Julie
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