[ibogaine] Question about thyroid and IBO - Doctor?

HSLotsof at aol.com HSLotsof at aol.com
Sat Aug 28 19:28:54 EDT 2004

Where is a doctor when you need one to answer a question.  See below. 
Anything I would tell you would be guess.


In a message dated 8/28/04 6:18:52 PM, trtye at gci.net writes:

>Howard, perhaps you can tell me (or anyone else) why ibogaine might be
>contraindicated for someone with a thyroid condition? What about Barrett's
>Esophagus (bad case of G.E.R.D.)? What if these conditions have been 
>for some time with medications?
>For instance, Iboga Therapy House states in their FAQ that they will not
>treat anyone with .... [a long list of health conditions] ... which include
>thyroid problems, gastrointestinal problems and psychiatric problems. 
>that last one eliminate just about all of us?
>I know they have to protect themselves and I greatly respect what they
>do, but I am curious as to the medical reasons why you wouldn't treat someone
>with hypothyroid (like me) or possibly acid reflux (Barrett's esophagus
>- me too) and of course psychiatric problems (nothing interesting, just
>common old clinical depression).
>Thanks for answers and/or directions to someone who can answer. Good thoughts
>to all of you, Terrell

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