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do you have any suggestions / comments . i have so far found 5 other 
places . one is in canada which does not charge but traveling plus 
stay would make it about 1k . another is offshore near florida which 
will be under 2.5k . next is in mexico close to san diego and will be 
about 3.5k or so . even more expensive is in carribean run by a 
professor . plus ( long term ) here is the data will go in her 
research and to larger scientific community . last one is in 
amsterdam which use to cost 1k plus traveling . the way i am thinking 
is to convince this friend to start with a week long out-patient 
detox based on Buprenorphine . and follow up at least for a month 
with counseling and such . she if follows through may be more aware 
and be helped better with ibogaine . at least that is my reasoning . 
i still has to convince here , get here in right mental state and 
find he least expensive but good ibogaine program.
thanks again
if you prefer i will call you . let me know what is good time for you.

On Aug 23, 2004, at 6:40 PM, Dana Beal wrote:

     i am wondering if you can help . i have a friend who is a heroin 
addict . she did methadone for a while and went back to heroin . upon 
research i came across ibogaine and dana's name ( among others ) . i 
understand he is a sort of gate keeper to help . can you either 
forward my email to him or send me an email address . also helpful 
will be if you know of any similar help contact in DC / Baltimore 
area . i am by profession a biochemist and every thing i read makes 
sense to me to the extent it is worth  trial ( along with serious 
counseling help ).
     thanks for your attention.

     Where are you located? It makes a difference as to what treatment 
facilities are closest to you. You can call me at 212-677-4899.


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