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"...then we're nothing but the nerds they say we are."
Here's some interesting links I'm sure you  have all seen before, but just in case I'm not the only one here still learning.
By the way, I would personally like to hear more from the different providers.  I, for one, am very interested in what they have learned. (treated through, Hattie) (nice pics)
Regarding heroin vs. methadone.  This is only my opinion, but if heroin was legal in a clinic setting, I'd say go for it.  But it's not, and so black market "gee, hope this isn't a hot shot", spend too much time scoring or attempting to score, etc.  Plus, at least for me, compulsion seems allot harder to keep in control with heroin rather then 'done.  But you are right, heroin is a short acting and methadone a long acting.  So what.  Both can be kicked with ibo.  Especially if starting new business, why throw heroin into the mix?  And I am also curious, why stop Methadone Maint in the first place, do you have a warrant or something that means you must stop methadone this moment or else?  I'm curious why you don't have the time to save for ibo treatment.  At least get your business footing on the ground first, let it find it's legs first?  You would know better then me.  I think you know the right path, although, it may not be the easy one.  Or keep asking more peope, perhaps one will
 give you an answer you want them to give : )
Talk soon.

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