[ibogaine] To Mr. Howard question about Purkinje Cells

D H dave at phantom.com
Sat Aug 28 17:26:48 EDT 2004

> O'Hearn injected rats with 100mg/kg of ibogaine and observed the 
> damage to or death
> of Purkinje cells in the brain.  Helen Molinari, a colleague of Glick 
> found
> that 40mg/kg of ibogaine caused no Purkinje cell injury and Xu and Ali 
> out of
> the FDA laboratory at the National Toxicological Research Center found 
> that
> there was no damage to Purkinje cells in the brains of rats at 25mg/kg 
> ibogaine by
> injection.

100 mg/kg is like 4X the highest dose (25mg/kg) for opiate interuption, 
and from what I understand a lot of providers are dosing more in the 
22mg/kg range.

100mgs/kg would be quite a dose to ingest, and most likely toxic on 
many levels.

I feel sorry for those poor rats who suffer in the name of science.

a blessing for the ibogarodents!


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