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> >What is the story about Purkinje Cells and what is that mean "100mg/kg
> >Iboga cause degeneration  in Purkinje cells rats brain even a single use"
> >And would you tell me what is Purkinje Cell
> Do a google.com search for Purkinje cell.  Marc Molliver and Elizabeth
> O'Hearn injected rats with 100mg/kg of ibogaine and observed the damage to
or death
> of Purkinje cells in the brain.  Helen Molinari, a colleague of Glick
> that 40mg/kg of ibogaine caused no Purkinje cell injury and Xu and Ali out
> the FDA laboratory at the National Toxicological Research Center found
> there was no damage to Purkinje cells in the brains of rats at 25mg/kg
ibogaine by
> injection.  Whether such Purkinje cell damage occurs in humans is unknown
> if so, there is no determination as to whether the effect would be
> significant or beneficial or detrimental to the subject.  Other
researchers have
> indicated that alcohol use causes much greater damage and other
researchers still
> that withdrawal causes greater damage.
> So welcome to the ibogaine neurotoxicity crap shoot (throwing the dice and
> seeing what happens).
> Howard
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