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I am  just wondering: when I stop taking
methadone, but start taking another  opiate, am I just
compounding my addiction? 

Hell yes!! Julie, I really think the heroin is a BAD, BAD,  BAD idea! Any way 
you do it is a BAD, BAD,  BAD idea!
How old are you Julie? How long have you been using? I do not mean to hurt  
your feelings but it is really hard for me to believe that someone who has any  
experience with heroin would get on Methadone then go back on heroin to get 
off  Methadone!!!  BAD, BAD, BAD decision!! Heroin is  illegal, street junk and 
you are just compounding your problems if you go back  to it. Did you do 
heroin before?
Sorry, but I will say it again.....BAD, BAD,  BAD decision. Don't do it!
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