[ibogaine] To Mr. Howard question about Purkinje Cells

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>What is the story about Purkinje Cells and what is that mean "100mg/kg
>Iboga cause degeneration  in Purkinje cells rats brain even a single use"
>And would you tell me what is Purkinje Cell

Do a google.com search for Purkinje cell.  Marc Molliver and Elizabeth 
O'Hearn injected rats with 100mg/kg of ibogaine and observed the damage to or death 
of Purkinje cells in the brain.  Helen Molinari, a colleague of Glick found 
that 40mg/kg of ibogaine caused no Purkinje cell injury and Xu and Ali out of 
the FDA laboratory at the National Toxicological Research Center found that 
there was no damage to Purkinje cells in the brains of rats at 25mg/kg ibogaine by 
injection.  Whether such Purkinje cell damage occurs in humans is unknown and 
if so, there is no determination as to whether the effect would be 
significant or beneficial or detrimental to the subject.  Other researchers have 
indicated that alcohol use causes much greater damage and other researchers still 
that withdrawal causes greater damage.

So welcome to the ibogaine neurotoxicity crap shoot (throwing the dice and 
seeing what happens).


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