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Allison Senepart paradisepaint at callsouth.net.nz
Sat Aug 28 05:32:24 EDT 2004

I agree that its harder to quit smoking than using opiates but I figure if
we are strong enough to do one than we are strong enough to do anything we
want.  (the word being want).  Where there is a will there is a way.  Best
wishes.   Allison 
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I can't remember what day  for me it is anymore so no more of that day 29
day 30 shit.  All I do know is this has been the longest time I've not been
under the influence of dope in one form or another. I quit smoking on
Tuesday and believe it or not I'm finding its harder to stop somking that it
is for me to not shoot dope, a lot harder. But I think one of the gifts I
got from my ibogaine experience was the ability to exert some kind of
impulse control, something I could never do in the past, which has made it a
million times easier. This feeling of not wanting to harm my body anymore is
just so different than anything I've ever felt before. I see myself getting
stronger and looking better everyday and the motivation I get from that is
tremendous. So much more profound than the illusion of dope.  A REAL warmth.

Thanks. -M.

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