Harlem operations

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>From your interview. http://www.drugwar.com/ibonyc.shtm

FM- My initial idea was to establish a base of operations in Harlem.

P- Why Harlem?

FM- To make ibogaine available to the descendents whose ancestors came from 
where this plant originates. 

P- How do you advertise the treatments, since they're highly illegal?

FM- We began by distributing approximately 150 brochures in front of 
methadone clinics in Harlem.

P- When was that?

FM- Early July. That was the start.

So is there any interest from the African American community? Have any 
African Americans been treated with ibogaine for chemical dependence during these 
operations?  What are they saying and how do they feel about it?  Fifteen or 
twenty years ago Dana and I met with some people in Harlem and offered free 
treatments but, received no interest.  The answer we received was that it would be 
too easy that way.


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