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want to  do it as soon as possible but the cost of going to Mexico is too 
much for  me righ now. I thought about importing but that seems risky so I am 
exploring my options right now.

I feel as you and want to be treated ASAP BUT........I am on a high dose of  
Methadone since 1998 and my funds are limited. I am slowly coming down on my  
Methadone dose. I was decreasing 2mg every 2 weeks for 3 or 4 months but got 
to  feeling grouchy and anxious so I have temporarily stopped. I am also 
sticking  back at least 50 bucks a paycheck to hopefully pay for treatment in a 
clinical  setting.
I would love to hurry and start my journey but it is impossible at this  
time.. I am trying to control my "self will run riot" and sit tight and wait my  
I am a believer that things happen as they should as long as I do the next  
right thing and keep my 'bright ideas' or will out of it.
I hate the words Higher Power. I prefer God but it turns people off as soon  
as I say it but God does a great job in my life if I stay out of it!
Share whatever you want about yourself. Do you have offspring, married,  
single, occupation or not.....whatever you feel like makes you, you!
Peace, Callie
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