[ibogaine] Ibogaine- why didn't it work?/ or did it.

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Fri Aug 27 20:17:48 EDT 2004

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>Thanks for the responses.  I appreciate everyone's
>input. Being able to cut my dosage was great, but I
>DID feel the drop- it was not painless.
>I feel better now, but am still unable to eat or sleep
>much.  And anything other than cereal, fruit and juice
>is a complete anathema to my stomach.  I lost 7lb over
>the course of 3 days.
>I would be interested in trying Ibogaine again, but
>not for a while.  I found it to be a little taxing on
>my system.

Dear Julie,

Thanks for your responses.  A good many people find Ibogaine taxing.  I was 
curious as to two things.  1) Did you drink adequate amounts of water for two 
days prior to dosing with ibogaine (8 - 10 glasses a day) and 2) did you have 
any noticeable stomach problems, gastric distress prior to dosing with Ibogaine?

Changes in diet are not uncommon after Ibogaine.  Follow your intuition about 
any future dosing.  Rest and regain your strength.  Did you stop eating meat 
or were you a vegetarian before Ibogaine?  Oh well, more questions than I 
thought.  Have you gained any of the lost weight back?  Persons without any 
chemical dependence have their sleep cycles cut down for a month or so after 
Ibogaine.  Normal sleep patterns come back slowly. Are you taking vitamins?  Setting 
aside the issue that you did not stop methadone completely you seem quite 
sensitive to ibogaine.  That is something you should consider if you do try 
Ibogaine again.

Take care


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