[ibogaine] Ibogaine- why didn't it work?/ or did it.

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>Hi.  I decided on 1000mg based on my weight- 15-20mg
>per kg of weight.  I am 58 kilos, (roughly 125 lb),
>5'7", and 26yo.
>I was able to lop a bit off my methadone dosage, from
>35ml to about 20ml now, but I must honestly say, I
>felt the drop, but only somewhat.
>I was not able to sleep for approximately 48-50 hours
>after ingesting Ibo, and even then it was one hour
>naps here and there.  I should also mention I
>continued to see trails for almost 3 full days.
>I do not take sedatives, but I did smoke some weed to
>promote sleep and appetite.  About the 1000mg- took
>test dosage of 100-200mg; waited, then boosted with
>about 500mg; vomited one hour later, but started to
>'trip' on the Ibo, so waited; At around the 8 hour
>mark, took remaining 300-400mg.  Everything was fine
>until hour 14/15, when withdrawal symptoms started to
>kick in.
>I checked the Ibogaine therapy manual- I had all
>symptoms except vomiting: muscle aches, yawning,
>hot/cold flashes, restlessness, and a general sense of
>malaise.  After about 10 hours of this, I took a sip
>from my meth bottle(about 10mg??), and within 30
>minutes these symptoms began to disappear.  I believe
>that vomiting was my sole problem.
>I don't think Ethnogarden is too blame, I think my
>stomach is to blame.  I talked to my pharmacist, and
>he said that Ibogaine works much better with heroin
>addiction interruption than meth- this is why I was
>thinking about quitting methadone by chipping H, and
>then getting off H with the Ibogaine.

First let me say that ibogaine did work.  Your dose of methadone is reduced 
from 35mg/day to 20/mg/day.

There are a lot of theoretical approaches to ibogaine dosing. And ibogaine is 
an experimental medication and so are its dosing regimens. Just look at all 
the dosing variations among all the different ibogaine providers.  Possibly, 
the dosing regimens will always be somewhat experimental as the patients coming 
in for treatment are on different doses of different drugs and bring their own 
pharmacodynamics to the treatment environment as well.  Given that many 
patients are not locked into time constraints there is nothing to preclude moving 
more slowly rather than more quickly.  For instance, a patient on 20mg/day of 
methadone may take a 500mg dose of ibogaine to determine if the methadone dose 
may then be reduced to 10mg/day.  A week or two later it would not seem 
improbable to take a full therapeutic dose to stop methadone altogether.  It is too 
bad that ibogaine is not available as an approved medication by providers who 
are able to observe and treat their patients over time.  Observation of the 
patient is the key to the practice of shamanism and western medicine.

The issue of the 14/15 hours withdrawal is an interesting one and should be 
looked into and reported on by providers. Whether heroin or methadone generally 
the first 12 hours are not a problem in any way.  Complaints do arise about 
hour 16 but, usually not full blown withdrawal.  I have treated a number of 
persons who claimed withdrawal but, after discussion and analysis recognized they 
were not experiencing withdrawal. On the other hand if you are in withdrawal 
you are in withdrawal.  On the issue of methadone doses, did your dose 
normally hold you for a full 24 hours?

Setting the issues of doses of methadone aside, how do you feel?

I am also curious if anyone is using reglan (metoclopramide) as an 
antinauseant and what effects are being seen?


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