[ibogaine] Ibogaine- why didn't it work?

Ms Iboga ms_iboga at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 27 13:09:55 EDT 2004


Hi.  I decided on 1000mg based on my weight- 15-20mg
per kg of weight.  I am 58 kilos, (roughly 125 lb),
5'7", and 26yo.

I was able to lop a bit off my methadone dosage, from
35ml to about 20ml now, but I must honestly say, I
felt the drop, but only somewhat.

I was not able to sleep for approximately 48-50 hours
after ingesting Ibo, and even then it was one hour
naps here and there.  I should also mention I
continued to see trails for almost 3 full days.

I do not take sedatives, but I did smoke some weed to
promote sleep and appetite.  About the 1000mg- took
test dosage of 100-200mg; waited, then boosted with
about 500mg; vomited one hour later, but started to
'trip' on the Ibo, so waited; At around the 8 hour
mark, took remaining 300-400mg.  Everything was fine
until hour 14/15, when withdrawal symptoms started to
kick in.

I checked the Ibogaine therapy manual- I had all
symptoms except vomiting: muscle aches, yawning,
hot/cold flashes, restlessness, and a general sense of
malaise.  After about 10 hours of this, I took a sip
from my meth bottle(about 10mg??), and within 30
minutes these symptoms began to disappear.  I believe
that vomiting was my sole problem.

I don't think Ethnogarden is too blame, I think my
stomach is to blame.  I talked to my pharmacist, and
he said that Ibogaine works much better with heroin
addiction interruption than meth- this is why I was
thinking about quitting methadone by chipping H, and
then getting off H with the Ibogaine.

Sorry to ramble,

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