[ibogaine] Ibogaine- why didn't it work?

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Fri Aug 27 02:35:19 EDT 2004

--- Roberta Lapiak <robertalapiak at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I used the mindvox site, those lines at the top that were called a  
> cosmic 8 ball, everything it gave me is not positive. Maybe it knows 
> how I feel, I'm not sure I needed this much confirmation.

Maybe its psychic? :) 


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" ... I Wonder is This Work or Play? . I'm Never Really Sure ... "
It's Just Like 6 Months of REM Sleep in 6 Hours!
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I Will Not Fall
Aug 11 11:11:13 entropy mach: ttyscc0: receive error 2 (-902)
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to Me"
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Felons & Revolutionaries
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Psychedelic Temple of The Apocalypse
"The Rusted Chains of Prison Moons are Shattered by the Sun."
Yes, but, was I Mature Enough at last night's Lesbian Masquerade?
"What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been"
Are you High? That I Am ... Watch me Fly, I'm Superman
Releasing Mankind from The Burden of Consciousness
. . . and Fools Shine on . . . 
Use Once and Destroy
"May All Beings, Be Happy and Well"
In Philip K. Dick We Trust
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